Newsletter 4/2017

What’s next after the legislature goes home?

Most legislators have meetings in their districts to enable them to meet with/hear from constituents.  Attending those meetings and letting legislators know that you are a DC and have interests in various health-related bills is an important way to get to know your local legislator.  Other than watching local news media for announcements about these “town hall”/”third house” meetings, your local senator and representative’s newsletter is a source for that information.  While you may already receive that as a constituent, will identify your State Senator and Representative after you provide your home address.  Then clicking on his/her name and choosing “Visit Caucus page” will open a page where you can sign up to receive their newsletters.   In addition, when you are on that page providing your legislators’ names, their contact information will also be provided.   If you aren’t able to find a “town hall” meeting, once the session ends, contact them and ask for an opportunity to meet, perhaps for coffee, in their local district at a location convenient for them.   Then, spend some time talking about chiropractic and your practice, ask them what legislative issues interest them, and give them your contact information and invite them to call you if they have questions about the profession.  A meeting of this type should last about 30-45 minutes.  This needs to be a shared conversation; don’t do all of the talking.

 Getting to know your own state legislator is important when ICAI may ask you to contact him/her during the session when the legislature is considering bills that can affect a DC’s practice.

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