Associate or Vacation Doctor Needed

Associate wanted in Washington, IN to replace current associate of 9+ years who is moving to North Carolina in 60-120 days.  I turned my entire practice of 32+ years over to him 2 years ago, so immediate opportunity for significant income (straight percentage).  Respond to

3 Lloyd Galaxy McManis Elevation Tables and one Lloyd Galaxy McManis Hylo table for sale at Trimboli Chiropractic. Three (one being the hylo table) are red and one is blue. Cervical, chest, lumbar, and pelvic drops. Has manual and automatic drop pieces. Automatic flexion/distraction. Hydraulic system. Pelvic rotation.  Price is at $6950 for Hylo table and two of the elevation tables.  The last elevation table is $3000.  Also, we have 2 activators for sale.  We are selling those for $125.  We are located in Northwest Indiana. Contact us via email or phone for more information!



Office phone numbers: 219-836-8890 or 219-374-4144

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Equipment for sale

Xray machine f or sale. Takes xrays upright. Includes the control panel, generator, buckey, and tube.  Selling for $6250 from Munster, Indiana. Details on included items:

Generator:Americomp Model #A700, July 1996

Control panel: Americomp Spectra 325e model#F280

Buckey:Summit industries Inc, Model #A802, July 1996, adjustable to height

Tube:Summit Industries Inc, Model # E7242Fx, Nov 1995, tiltable, adjustable to height


Two activators for sale. $125 each.


Everything is in very good condition. Email for more information.

Xray Tube.jpg
Xray Tube  D.jpg
Xray Machine.jpg


Duracomfort Contour Adjusting Bench for sale $200.00. Please contact Pala Chiropractic at 317-770-1970. Noblesville, IN.

Practices for Sale


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