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International Chiropractors Association of Indiana (ICAI) on Proposed Amendments and Additions to the State Chiropractic Scope of Practice Statute

FEBRUARY 12, 2018 

The International Chiropractors Association of Indiana (ICAI) feels obliged to offer detailed observations and, in talks with the ISCA this past Saturday, HAVE EXPRESSED its grave concern over amendments that have been put forward to amend IC 25-10 ARTICLE 10. CHIROPRACTORS and has successfully corrected many statements that were of a nature that could have blurred the lines between Chiropractic and the practice of Medicine.

Of primary concern to this organization and its members, are the elimination of key defining sections that concern only a few and now after negotiations include ALL Indiana Chiropractors with improved clarity and distinction so 

Chiropractic can remain a separate and distinct approach to health and healing; this updated language of Bill 1384 may move Chiropractic away from the practice of medicine IF these honest negotiations have not been altered on / or before they reach the Senate floor!

So, the ICAI is in a holding pattern until revisions are officially made and processed accordingly. The ICAI hope is that these positive changes will show the creative work and alliance between the two State associations for the betterment and the future of Chiropractic and the public it serves.

ICAI Legislative Team

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