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Hello Indiana Chiropractors!

Since our last seminar, we are moving right along as an association! There is much to share in this letter to you, so please read this in its entirety!

As you may already be aware, since 2014 we have been attempting to put together a method of unification for the Chiropractors of the State of Indiana. These days, it seems that the days of belonging to a trade association, just to say one has a membership for the sake of it only, have passed. So, something different was obviously very necessary, a reason to belong!

I cannot begin to tell you how many times over the years that I have heard Chiropractors growl about past seminars in some fashion. Whether it be over the boring topic presented or a critical view of the speaker, someone was almost always unhappy. So, what to do? The ICA of Indiana is here to serve it up! We have listened to you and so here's the plan:

The fabrication of the Councils to include Pediatric, Sports, Wellness, and Philosophy have come together. We also are working to develop an Insurance Council and offer more mini-seminars to include Attorney information related to risk management and auto accident case management. Keep an eye on the opportunities of local Council-specific Seminars near you on dates that may be more convenient to you and your family! We are in process of setting the dates for these mini-seminars (4 CEU) in addition to the Spring and Fall seminars (4,8,& 12 CEUs) already set and on the website for 2018. Last year we had 10 mini-seminars across the State of Indiana at a variety of times for your convenience!

Along with these councils, which may give you not only a seminar of interest and value, the development of new friends with similar interests and mentors with experience, are under development! All we need now is you! You are all that is left to make this concept become the reality and a reason to be a member! To give you yet another bump in the right direction, we have even more options for 2018 with more detailed information found on our website

Here are the new and exciting  Membership options for you to choose from: Diamond membership, Platinum membership, Regular membership, Recent Graduate membership, and Retired membership. Go to our Membership page on this site for more information!

With the ease of updating your membership due to THIS new website, you now also have the availability of renewing at your OWN start date! That's right, it's not only January to January as it has been for decades, but whenever you become a member that's your renewal date is! We know that it's not always convenient whether it be a family emergency or a clinic issue, so we thought we would make it easier to join the ICA~I when it was good for you! We want you to be aware that we ARE your service based organization! 

Before I forget, please send us some photos from your day and we'll try to upload them to our marquee at the top of our site! We'd love to see pictures of your Chiropractic adventures! There's nothing wrong with a family album!

Well, the die is now cast, and with your help, the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana is on its way to being everything you need in a State Association! Be a Member today! 


Dr. Todd McDougle, D.C.,F.I.C.A., President


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