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Hello ICA~I Members and Chiropractors at Large,

2018 has been a busy year for me Professionally and Personally as a Representative for Indiana Chiropractors. The House Bill 1384 is now LAW as of July 1st 2018, but that which was pushed forward into the Indiana Legislature could have fundamentally changed Chiropractic and eased the future attempt to later add expansive services such as prescription medications to the scope of practice. Let me display some of the highlights for your review. [IF YOU ARE A PRINCIPLED CHIROPRACTOR, YOU MUST READ THIS]:

  • Line 1 page 1: This section was completely demolished , worked, and re-worked. Fortunately some specifics were added and others removed. At the end of the day, there were still issues but compromise was necessary to address the other issues as seen in the following cited sections. Please refer to the final Bill 1384 for the end result on this and ANY of the following for reference. http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2018/bills/house/1384#document-40b93275
Fortunately, the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana and the ICA were there on your behalf!
  • Line 2 page 20: "A member of the board may not serve for more than four (4) consecutive terms." I suggested and added that "and may not consist of membership from only one (1) State association." THAT MEASURE WAS STRICKEN DOWN by the "other association" as they presently comprise 100% of the Indiana State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and do not want to relinquish that power. Question: Is that fair and is it an equal representation of Chiropractic in the State of Indiana? Are you willing to step up and represent when no one else will? There will be spots available! The International Chiropractors Association of Indiana is making every attempt to be there on your behalf!
  • Line 20 page 3: "(10) Adopt rules under IC 4-22-2 to allow chiropractors licensed under this chapter to delegate the manual manipulation, manual adjustment, or manual mobilization of the spinal column or the vertebral column under section 14(c)(4) of this chapter." There are several issues here. IC 4-22-2 much of which has been repealed, basically infers that it allows for an over-reach without formal legislative action to change the rules for professional services if the Chiropractic Board of Examiners sees it fit (this is my understanding). The other issue here, is that we as Chiropractors are to offer these services and as PROFESSIONALS and keepers of our CRAFT, and should NOT BE REFERRING OUR SERVICES to subordinates {Non-Chiropractors}(OR, do you have a better idea? Let's hear it!)! [Line 24 is also problematic where it discusses regulation of Chiropractic management consultants.] Question: Are we Chiropractors, or will we drop down into the role of one who uses a prescription pad and delegates EVEN CHIROPRACTIC to lesser skilled practitioners and do so without RESISTANCE from you? Do you trust the Board of Chiropractic Examiners to change and dictate rules without YOUR INPUT based upon this mostly repealed IC code? This very situation ALMOST HAPPENED ON THIS BILL - this is not hypothetical Doctor! Ask yourself; "Are you so desperate as a business owner that you would send a patient to a non-chiropractor for Chiropractic treatment to make a buck?" If you are indeed comfortable with what is going on in this profession, will Chiropractic even exist in 50 years at this rate? Where do YOU stand on this? The International Chiropractors Association of Indiana was there on your behalf!
  • Line 1 page 4: "(2){referring to chiropractic school or college} must be accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the Council on Chiropractic Education OR ITS SUCCESSOR ORGANIZATION:" Question: What happens if the CCE, a private company, is purchased by a company like the American Medical Association or the American Chiropractic Association? Will the AMA or the ACA be a responsible and fair keeper of Chiropractic (have they been up to this point?)? Do you want the AMA (or other non-chiropractic organization) telling you what Chiropractic is and fundamentally changing your scope of practice? THIS IS THE PRECIPICE I SPEAK OF! The International Chiropractors Association of Indiana was there on your behalf!
  • Line 15 page 4: "NEW SECTION...(1) the title "chiropractor", "chiropractic physician", or "doctor of chiropractic"; or (2) the abbreviation "D.C."; to indicate or imply that the individual is a chiropractor unless the individual is licensed under this chapter." Question: Did the Indiana State Board of Examiners EVER prosecute ANYONE that was NOT A CHIROPRACTOR that PERFORMED a CHIROPRACTIC-LIKE treatment? (Because of no prosecution (to my knowledge) of Physical Therapists or Massage Therapists under previous law, the PTs came back and legislated with little chiropractic resistance, the ability to perform manual manipulation in the State of Indiana citing the fact that they had been doing it for years without incident.). Do you know that the PTs had 900 pro-PT Bill representatives compared to 5 Chiropractors at the State House? We were asked, "...where are the rest of the Chiropractors if this Bill is a problem?"  Where were you? The International Chiropractors Association of Indiana was there on your behalf!
  • Line 23 page 4: "NEW SECTION... Sec.17.(a) To the extent a therapy has been taught to a chiropractor in a chiropractic college, or chiropractic program..." This section allowed for the Chiropractic Schools/Colleges to alter what a Chiropractor does in Indiana without legislation or formal legal processes to adapt and dictate what is allowed. So, if a chiropractor is taught how to do pelvic exams  or surgical procedures in a Chiropractic college, then THIS rule would allow them to do so without regulation in the State of Indiana. Question: IS THIS SECTION WITHOUT DANGER TO THE PATIENTS AND OUR PROFESSION AND WOULD THIS BE CONSIDERED A RECKLESS EXPANSION OF SERVICES WITHOUT PROPER SAFETY CONCERNS? If this section made it to actual State Law governing Chiropractic, THERE IS CERTAINTY THAT THE EXPANSION OF CHIROPRACTIC DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICES WOULD BE INEVITABLE! Fortunately, as your representative, I had a seat at the table and tried to push away some detrimental aspects of these potential rules.  This was almost sent to the Statehouse and would have been passed without ANY resistance if not for my involvement as your State Representative. The International Chiropractors Association of Indiana was there on your behalf! WE were paying attention!
  • Line 29 page 4: "NEW SECTION...a chiropractor licensed under this article may treat injuries, conditions, and disorders, including chiropractic subluxations, fixations, spinal intersegmental dysfunction, or somatic dysfunctions... (1) The administration of the chiropractic adjustment or manipulation to the body for the purpose of maintaining , restoring, or improving neuro-biomechanical or physiological function." With my presence at this negotiation I was able to move to change the last sentence to "restoring, or improving neuro-biomechanical, IMMUNOLOGICAL, or physiological function." Question: Do you as the reader understand the impact that the addition of IMMUNOLOGICAL means to the Chiropractic Profession not only here in Indiana, but Nationally? For the first time in Indiana history, we are NOW ABLE TO LEGALLY INFLUENCE OUR PATIENT'S IMMUNE SYSTEM AND ADVERTISE THIS FACT! The International Chiropractors Association of Indiana was there on your behalf!
  • Line 39 page 4: "The insertion, manual and electrical stimulation, and removal of filiform needles into muscle and connective tissue to treat neuromuscular disorders..." AKA dry needling, was added to this Law. There are a lot of things that chiropractors do that are outside of the adjustment, and I understand that. However, the presentation to break the skin at a time where MRSA and other infections are so rampant and can lead to death, required some parameters to protect the profession and the public it serves from those who may be resistant to following protocols of cleanliness. I proposed the necessity of specific rules and regulations for this treatment if done by a chiropractor. This suggestion was met with resistance from the ISCA but they ultimately agreed that parameters needed to be established for the protection of the patient and the profession from negligence. Question: If there was no representative present to reel in HB 1384, how many other invasive methods would be added? From a resurgence of magnetic therapy to the applications of surgical procedures, where do you stand? Does ANYTHING go in 2018 and where does it end? Is it okay in your opinion that Chiropractic go down the same rabbit hole as the Osteopaths? These questions deserve real answers and consideration for me to continue my position and represent the Indiana Chiropractic profession effectively.  In the meantime, the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana was again there on your behalf!

So, as you can see, the art of "sausage making" of a legislative Bill takes a lot of time and effort as well as great foresight from completely different perspectives. Initially, we were asked for input, and due to the slow action of volunteers and poor understanding of urgency, we were nearly over-run at the last minute. This required some quick action of the Board of Directors of the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana and the strong arm of the International Chiropractors Association with the Direction of Executive Director Ron Hendrickson, and the calm collected manner of SDS group under the supervision of Glenna Shelby. Without these people, HB 1384 would have surely become a nightmare for Chiropractic in Indiana.

In the meantime, as President of the ICA~I, I am constantly making the attempt to continue a strong footing for the Principled Doctors of Chiropractic. Without a solid stance of an organization such as the ICA~I, outside assistance from the International Chiropractors Association would have little meaning or influence. THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE STRONG PUSH FOR YOU TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ICA~I!

Because of this and the need for continued resistance to a "whatever goes" mentality presented in this message to you as seen in the proposed legislative language, I must implore you to participate! I need troops! I need to feel like I'm not the last man holding the flag/position on the hill at times. My wife asked me the other day if THIS was my hill to die on? Please tell me that I don't have to add a photo of a puppy in the pound to convince you that we are in need of your assistance!

We presently have a variety of Membership options to fit your needs: Diamond membership, Platinum membership, Regular membership, Recent Graduate membership, and Retired membership. Go to our Membership page on this site for more information!

With the ease of updating your membership due to THIS new website, you now also have the availability of renewing at your OWN start date! That's right, it's not only January to January as it has been for decades, but whenever you become a member that's your renewal date is! We know that it's not always convenient whether it be a family emergency or a clinic issue, so we thought we would make it easier to join the ICA~I when it was good for you! We want you to be aware that we ARE your service based organization! 

Before I forget, please send us some photos from your day and we'll try to upload them to our marquee at the top of our site! We'd love to see pictures of your Chiropractic adventures! There's nothing wrong with a family album!

Well, the die is now cast, and with your help, the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana is on its way to being everything you need in a State Association! Be a Member today BECAUSE AS YOU CAN SEE, WE'VE BEEN THERE FOR YOU!


Dr. Todd McDougle, D.C., F.I.C.A.,

President ICA~Indiana



President's Message:

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